From the second major version of DAEMON Tools for Mac, the program has application window — the compact and easy-to-use interface that allows you to work with images and image collections. The application window consists of several blocks:

Application window

  1. Toolbar provides the easiest access to the main actions related to images. Using the toolbar icons you can:
    • Application window Add images to Catalog to keep them always at hand or add iSCSI Servers to the relevant tab.
    • Application window Remove images from Catalog or targets from the relevant tab.
    • Application window Mount selected images.
    • Application window Unmount selected image.
    • Application window Unmount all images that are mounted now.
    • Application window Create a new image with data.
    • Application window Create a new Audio image.
    • Application window Buy DAEMON Tools for Mac license, iSCSI Initiator feature or licenses for additional computers.
  2. The switch allows you to open Images — collection of your images — or iSCSI Targets — the list of servers you can connect to.
  3. The main area belongs to the images in Images tabs or to servers in iSCSI Target tab, depending on which panel is selected now.
  4. At the bottom of the window, you can see the mounted images. Also, here you can click Quick Mount button that allows you to mount the new image.
  5. Three buttons in the upper left corner allow you to maximize, minimize or close the window.