Since DAEMON Tools for Mac 7, all the functionality was divided into Basic and Advanced features. Thus, there are two types of licenses: Free and Paid.

On the first start-up of the application, you will get an information window that describes the type of license activated now:


Later you will be able to change it.

Free License

Here is how the main window looks like if you choose the Free License:


All the unactive Advanced features will be grey-colored, and once you activate the 3-day trial or buy the group of features — they will become colorized:


To start a trial, press Customize button that is in the top right corner by default, choose a feature and press Try. You will see how many trial days left:


Free trial is available for you to evaluate DAEMON Tools for Mac advanced features. No matter if your trial days are over or not, you can purchase the group of features anytime, and it will be available for good.

To purchase the Paid License after you have chosen the Free License while installing DAEMON Tools for Mac, click on Customize, press Buy. You will be redirected to the cart, where you can customize the features you need. If you buy any feature, you get a Personal License for free.

If you already have a serial number, you can press Change and enter it to the active field. Press Activate and you're good to go!


Paid License

If you choose to activate the Paid License while installing DAEMON Tools for Mac, the following window opens:


Now you need to enter the serial number, if you already have one. If you don't — press Buy to go to the DAEMON Tools online shop and pick the features you need, or click this link to buy a Full Pack.

If you have changed your mind and want to get the ball to roll with the Free License — press Close. The window will be closed, and the next time you open DAEMON Tools you will have an option to choose the license again.

Feel free to contact our Support Team if any questions occur. Visit your personal account on to learn more about the licences you own.

The license is already in use

Your license is linked to the System ID of the computer, on which DAEMON Tools for Mac is installed, for security reasons. However, System ID may be changed after an operating system reinstall or update. In this case, you will get the following message:


There are two options available here:

  • Revoke an activated PC button redirects you to your account, where you can cancel the previous license to make it available for the new system.

  • Buy an additional PC button redirects you to the cart and allows purchasing license for one or several additional computers. This option is highly recommended when you want to install DAEMON Tools for Mac on more than one Mac.

Note that additional license is much cheaper than the new full license, so if you are going to use DAEMON Tools for Mac on several computers, you can save buying additional licenses instead of the ew ones. However, if you need to install the program on the one computer only, it is better to choose Revoke option that is free of charge. If you have any additional questions about DAEMON Tools licensing, feel free to contact our Support Team.