Since DAEMON Tools for Mac 5, you can create image files from physical optical discs. To grab a disc, click Grab a disc icon on the toolbar and perform the following steps:

Insert a disc to the physical drive and select it. Click Refresh if the inserted disc hasn't been detected on the fly. Click Grab button to continue.

Grab a disc

Adjust the next set of options:

Grab a disc

  1. Type the name of the image.
  2. Mark it with Tags to identify later.
  3. Choose Where you want to store the image.
  4. Select the image file Format: MDX, MDS or ISO.
  5. You can Compress or Encrypt MDS and MDX images. Compression reduces the size of the file and encryption protects the disc with a password. Check the relevant options if needed.
  6. Click Save button. If you checked Encrypt option, you will need to enter your password now. Also, you may check Remember in my keychain option to store the password in Apple's password management system.

Wait until DAEMON Tools is grabbing a disc. The duration depends on the disc size, reading speed and the quality of the source disc.

After an image is created, it will be added to Images tab.